Our Performance Coaching Philosophy


Improvements in performance mostly come from self improvement, enhanced self management and self awareness. It is our belief that your ability to achieve these improvements is already instilled in you (your DNA model) and in order to reach your full potential you need to live within a supportive environment which appreciates and utilises your attributes and supports you in using them in a positive and useful way.

There are two players in this "dance" namely the environment and You!

Our philosophy is simple - working in an environment in which you are able to utilise your strengths makes you happy and positive, which in turn optimises your performance - good for all we're sure you agree.

When we are unable to utilise our strengths we become unhappy, which can lead us to maladaptive actions that don't do us and those around us any good at all - we're sure you agree.

The development partnership we form with you sees you discover your natural strengths and the tools and reasons for creating performance improvement solutions based on "Awareness. Discovery and Action".

Our pragmatic and direct style will bring awareness to your personal and professional development that no one else can, you will view yourself from a very clear perspective, understanding why certain challenges are challenging you, and you will hear things from us that no other coaching company will tell you.

Look at how performance coaching promotes a strong return on investment by leveraging training and improved inter-personal workplace relations.

 In broad terms we will help you build a new and authentic pathway to performance improvement in your career, your life and your workplace.

Our Business Coaching Philosophy


For the past twenty years we have been training and coaching people across the world to start, grow and take advantage of their own business. Our philosophy is built on an unwavering belief that SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses) ARE the true backbone of all economies, providing goods and services, employment, community support and economic leverage; typically, every dollar spent with an SMB creates at least twelve dollars’ worth of economic benefit to the community (www.seaf.com)

Assisting small businesses to grow and become successful directly adds benefit and future-proofing opportunities to the communities in which these businesses operate.

However, research informs us that up to 90% of small businesses fail within 10 years; certainly not a motivating reason to start your own business (even though this statistic is proving to be an urban myth in many instances - click here to reveal the true story)

What is more compelling is the major reason for such a high failure rate. Over 70% of business owners state that they were not as successful as they planned to be due to their inability to seek advice. For those of you in business, you are by now saying - "well of course, when do we find the time to get help and then use it?".

This confronting statistic led us to search out some of the most useful methods for small business owners to get the advice they need, in the most available form and apply it immediately to their business.

Online coaching is globally recognised as one of the most powerful and efficient ways for an entrepreneur to work with a coach or mentor, freeing up their time and resources to work on their business and rapidly apply ideas into real world situations. Feedback is rapid and effective in tracking your growth and development, enabling you to see the big picture more clearly. You're not alone.

If you need one on one coaching, mentoring or training you will receive your own program tailored specifically to your business, skill level and customer needs.

You experience with us is not bound to business coaching and training.

Do you often feel that a third eye, or a second pair of hands would help?

Well...using our services will provide that.

Our journey through an organisation typically starts with coaching senior management who point us to their supervisors who point us to their teams...and so forth.


Our Services all have one aim

- to improve your performance -