Imagine what it would be like to discover your thinking structure with laser like accuracy, enabling you to implement personal improvement strategies with clarity and precision.

You're provided with a full report outlining your core thinking dimensions and 36 traits and aptitudes. Your also receive a 90 minute coaching session with George Lianos, during which time your report will be explained along with how you should go about setting performance goals.




Discovery+ expands on the Discovery service by adding a further set of traits and aptitudes, as well as your development level (how clear and capable you are in using a specific skill) and your application level (your preference for using that skill).

You also receive an evaluation of the five qualities of supervision and an overall improvement plan,


This service adds value to the Discovery+ session through the inclusion of 360 feedback assessment.

So, not only do you see "you" from your perspective, how you think and make decisions, but also you get to learn about how others see "you" from their perspective.

Review your Agility Leadership and Personality Profile as others see you, and create an action plan to rapidly upgrade your performance levels to meet those demanding challenges and stretch goals from your most recent performance reviews.


White_THE_Logo.PNG Expansion Program

The Expansion coaching program is the logical expansion of the Discovery series for those people who would like to improve themselves.

It comprises a series of coaching sessions, activities and material presented over three months aimed at achieving a specific goal in either your professional or personal world.

 White_THE_Logo.PNG Summit Program

The Summit coaching program uses the learnings from the Discovery+ series to make improvements in how you interact with others.

The program comprises a series of coaching sessions, activities and material presented over four months specifically designed to build your skills at working with & leading others

 White_THE_Logo.PNGHorizon Program

The Horizon is the definitive coaching program in self-actualisation. Using the relevant Discovery, Discovery+ and Discovery+ 360 knowledge to help you achieve your goal of growing and improving others.

The program comprises a series of coaching sessions over a six month period during which time you work with  specific people within your work group, and you learn to use your strengths to improve their skills.

In other words you learn how to become the ultimate coach and mentor.

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