Whereas our Performance Coaching Programs are designed to increase the capacity and capability of anyone within the organisation and primarily align to their job description, current work projects or performance review plan, our Executive Coaching Program helps clients work towards specific professional goals.

These include, but are not limited to

  • Career transition,
  • Interpersonal and professional communication,
  • Performance management,
  • Organisational effectiveness,
  • Managing career and personal changes,
  • Developing Executive Presence,
  • Enhancing strategic thinking,
  • Dealing effectively with conflict, and
  • Building and coaching effective teams within an organization.


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Our Executive Coaching Programs are divided into three (3) main categories, and are based on our Discovery Services.


White_THE_Logo.PNGEvolution Executive Coaching Program


The ability to achieve performance targets, manage others and build a successful career requires a deep self-awareness. The Evolution Program helps executives uncover their natural strengths and hidden biases and turn this information into leadership knowledge and wisdom.

This Coaching program is based on the combination of your value profile comprising 36 traits and aptitudes and 6 thinking dimensions and the Big Five Personality Profile, which gives you a clear picture of what you bring to your role as an Executive.


White_THE_Logo.PNGPinnacle Executive Coaching Program

                             (Team Awareness)

By definition, the majority of Executives will work in or with teams. These are usually internal or external departments, project teams, customer and goods and services supplier organisations or  perhaps government authorities. The Pinnacle Coaching Program extends personal awareness to social awareness and relationship management skills, which expands your knowledge about, and attitude towards managing teams.

This Coaching Program brings into focus your five Executive Team traits, Career development (why is it important to me to work with teams), Leadership (development and application of skills required to  lead teams), Management (development and application levels of skills required to plan, organise and control teams), Inner Drive (your motivation levels) and Inner Direction (your inner compass).


White_THE_Logo.PNGVista Executive Coaching Program

               (Become a Coach within your company)

Our opinion of why someone behaves they way they do, or what they think of us as leaders or managers is based on our own mental picture of ourselves and our external world. The Vista Executive Coaching Program goes where you cannot. It provides a view from the other side, and builds on the other discovery sets to give you a full 360 degree view of your Executive World.

Armed with this information you are now able to develop the coaching competence required of modern day Senior Executives.


Recruitment and building a strong team

The main determining factor in corporate success is finding, hiring, and placing qualified people in the proper jobs, and then developing these people further.

Managers spend three-quarters of the interview process on technical skills and experience. However, only 15% of ultimate success in the job can be accredited to technical skills.

Studies have revealed that 85% of success is directly related to one's attitude to one's self and relating to others; that set of intangible skills.

These “soft skills” can normally only be determined with long-term exposure to the individual.

Our Executive Coaching Programs enable you to accurately quantify these skills using proven scientific methods and give you direct insight to 42 soft skills and abilities (SSA); your hidden biases.

Examples of this include Problem Solving, Accountability, Innovation, Logic, Compassion, Assessing Risk, Enjoyment of the Job, Monitoring others, Persistence and Respect for Property to name a few.

The insight into an individual’s strengths and areas of improvement enables an organisation or business unit to construct competent, capable and willing teams and provides the participant and their manager with a road map or guide to improving workplace performance.


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