Outplacement is the efforts made by a downsizing company to help exiting or exited employees through the transition to new lives, jobs and/or careers and help them re-orient to potentially a new world of work or retirement.


As it is not a core skill of many companies, they usually engage a consultancy firm to provide the outplacement services which are paid for by the former employer and are achieved through practical advice and psychological support.


Outplacement is either delivered through individual one-on-one sessions or in a group format.


Based on extensive experience from both sides of the fence, 8Daysaweek has developed a best practice outplacement service aimed at smoothing the transitioning of the workforce and ensuring all stakeholders and the communities involved achieve the best results possible.


We provide a two (2) pronged attack in your program, namely


1) Project Management of the process

2) Facilitation, and at times delivery of the various services outlined below


We also act as the port of call for those people being displaced, and provide training to those internal staff who are expected to frontline manage the process.


Our Pathways to Success program is broadly defined as follows:-


Financial Management Pathway

This service enables the participant to obtain assistance in financially optimising their benefits from the company’s outplacement packages.


Services will typically include

1)    Financial Planning Services

2)   Advice and guidance from relevant Federal & State departments

3)   Advice and guidance on budgeting and financial management


Career Development Pathway

This service is aimed at supporting those people who will be seeking employment after their exit from the mine. Services typically include

1)    Resume and CV writing and development

2)   Job Search & networking , inter-company redeployment

3)   Interview gaining, and behavioural based interview techniques

4)   Development of psychometric evaluation skills to assist in completing assessments

5)   Other industries skills development (e.g. Diploma in Project Management, Cert IV Frontline Management, Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessing) provided by appropriately scoped Registered Training Organisations


Personal Development Pathway

During times of loss of employment people may experience confusion, lack of clarity and understanding as to their position and difficulty in handling such finality. This service is usually provided as a Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring service.

Services will include

1)    Life and Career Coaching

2)   General Counselling servicesm

3)   Linkages to Psychologists

4)   Personal profiling and decision making assessments to assist in improving understanding of internal feelings

5)   Family group sessions


Small Business Pathway

Often during this this time many people will seize the opportunity to improve their financial and life circumstance by investing in a business. This service includes

1)    Small Business training, with accreditation (Certificate IV Small Business Management.) 

2)   12 Months mentoring and e-learning services

3)   Business Planning, business evaluation (audits and reviews), and general business advice


It is safe to assume that if you have made you way to this part of the page, then you are either contemplating or about to roll out an outplacement program.


We can quickly deliver a specific solution that will meet the needs of where you are right now.


Contact us to see how you can benefit from "doing the right thing, the right way at the right time!"

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