We use the equation C = (K+S)*A to define the parameters of Workplace Capability (C)

K = Knowledge, the cognitive material that your candidates learn from books, training, mentoring and the like


S = Skill, this is the doing part of the role. Data entry, applying a formula, installing software, scheduling and planning can all be seen as skills.


A = Attitude.  Reflect on people you have hired in the past. Great skills, expansive knowledge, however, after the settling in or probation period, their signature attitude surfaces.


For those of you who are mathematically inclined, notice that the A has a multiplier effect on Workplace Capability.


Why, then does the recruitment process focus on the technical side of the role?

Because, it is strongly believed that measuring attitude is a dark art, and comes down to guess work.


We aim to remove as much of the guesswork, gut feel and prejudice out of hiring and promotion decisions as is possible through our Workskills Aptitude Assessment.


This report provides a synopsis of the Candidate’s professional and personal view of their world.


It reviews aspects of the Candidate’s profile relative to the skills required of an influential role within the organisation in such areas as safety, work ethic, accountability, respect for authority, leadership, planning and inter-personal relations to name a few.


The report also highlights the hidden biases that the candidate may revert to under stress or in given situations.


Using information derived from our proprietary reports based on the scientifically proven, mathematically accurate Hartman Value Profile, we can provide you with an insight into the candidate's thinking world, an area that may take months or years to get to know, if ever.


Why is this important? Because thinking and beliefs are the pre-cursor to behaviour, which is the leading indicator of workplace results.


With our system, you can formulate specific behavioural based questions, align responses to past experiences, and generally give yourself more space, clarity and time to review the candidate.


Get to the right people in the right way - don't become a statistic!